Documentary Wedding Photographer

This amazing couple met through a common friend in Virginia. The groom was studying in Ithaca, NY and the bride – in Rochester, NY. Once he finished his studies, he moved back to VA, but they kept in touch and the relationship was still going on even though it was long distance. He would often come to visit her in Rochester and whenever she came down to MD they would meet up.
The couple just hit off and knew that they are good for each other. Both of them like to go for long walks and love to travel, exploring & seeing new places.
She loves the water so whenever they were in Rochester they would go for long walks near the Erie Canal. Each moment the couple had some spare time to share they were doing fun activities and enjoyed each other’s company all the time. This included going for walks, watching a movie or having a nice dinner somewhere.
He loves animals, especially dogs. The couple has a dog, named Coco. He is romantic, sweet, supportive and very caring. He loves to surprise the happy wife from time to time.
Both of them are also very close to their families and like spending time with each other’s family members. They complement each other very well. Both of them are kind-hearted and down to earth individuals.
The wedding took place in The Ritz-Carlton, Washington DC where a bunch of great family members from both sides gathered all together to celebrate this happy occasion!

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