Greg + Isabel || Ritz - Carlton Hotel || Georgetown, Washington DC

This spring I had a huge honor to document outstanding wedding day of Greg and Isabel at Ritz - Carlton Hotel in Georgetown. I was impressed by this couple since our first meeting. Stylish model Greg and elegant Doctor Isabel are amazing, smart and really interesting people. It was a pleasure to work with them. You just have to see their extraordinary wedding pictures

John + Elizabeth || Carnegie Institute for Science || Wedding

On the 1st of April I had an honor to document really beautiful wedding of John and Elizabeth. It is really difficult to describe how amazing that day was. Elegant ceremony began at Washington DC War Memorial.   I still remember as it was yesterday how perfect was that moment and how happy was John and Elizabeth. For the reception couple chose  Carnegie Institute for Science. During the reception music and lights were provided by Josh Goldman "Dj G".  Also we had an amazing photo shooting at Lincoln Memorial and National Gallery of Art. Very special thanks for Mari Harsan for helping me to document their special day! I had really great time during this amazing wedding. I was able to take a lot of creative, artistic pictures. From all my heart I wish John and Elizabeth many years of true love!

Kody + Stef || Redeemer Church Chesapeake || VA Wedding

Few months ago I had an amazing time with Kody and Stef in Shenandoah national park during their engagement session. This time I had a huge honor to document their beautiful and really special wedding day at Redeemer Church. I had really great time during their wedding and I am happy that I was able to meet really amazing people and to take a lot of beautiful pictures. 

Matt + Adriana || Silverbook Farm Engagement Session

I just love my work especially when I can enjoy great company during the session. This time I would like to show you amazing pictures from Matt and Adriana engagement session at Silverbrook Farm. I had a great time with this couple and their adorable and beautiful dog. During the session, I was able not only to take pictures and document the moment of true happiness,  to capture honest emotions and beautiful smiles but also I was able to play with a fluffy puppy. As the biggest dog lover, believe me, that was heaven for me. 

Pete + Liz || Engagement || Fort McHenry National Monument || Baltimore MD

In the middle of the March 2017, I had a great opportunity to document true love and true happiness of Liz and Pete at Fort McHenry National Monument, Baltimore. We had an amazing time together. I was able to take a lot of beautiful and creative pictures and thanks to this amazing couple. I am really happy that I had a chance to work with such an amazing people at the beautiful and unique place. 

Jon + Molly || Lincoln Memorial Documentary Engagement Session

I had just an incredible time with Jon and Molly at Lincoln Memorial. I was really surprised when they told me that they are professional Frisby players. Can you imagine how happy I was to see how they play Frisby.  This couple is full of energy, love and happiness. I enjoyed every moment wth them.  It was such an honor to work with really extraordinary people and document their happiness. 

Leaf + Silu || Patapsco Female Institute Wedding

I am so happy that I had an opportunity to meet Leaf and Silu. I had an honor to document their engagement session few months ago and now I would like to share with amazing moments of their beautiful wedding. The first pictures of a beautiful bride I was able to take in The Wayside Inn. The wedding reception was at Patapsco Female Institute. Amazing brides dress from designer : Zuhair Murad. That day was filled with happiness, love and laughter. 

Kody + Stef || Shenandoah National Park Engagement Session

Kody and Stef are amazing people! I had the honour to document their special feelings in Shenandoah National Park. I had a great time with this always smiling, happy couple.  I will be honest I just love to have a photo shoot in nature. Beautiful surroundings are the biggest inspiration for me. 

David + Meggie || Capitol Stone Engagement Session

I had really great time with David and Maggie in Capitol Stone Yard. While I was taking a pictures of these amazing people I was thinking about beautiful word of Sylvia Path: “I felt my lungs inflate with the onrush of scenery—air, mountains, trees, people. I thought, "This is what it is to be happy.” Their engagement session was filled with happiness and love. I was really happy to document this special moment.