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Baltimore Marriott Waterfront || Indian Wedding || Baraat Ceremony || Kunal + Milly

South Asian Wedding Photographer

Dr. Milly Bipin Turakhia and Kunal Jethalal Rambhia married in Baltimore on June 3. Ambrish Trivedi, a Hindu priest, led a ceremony that incorporated Jain traditions at the Baltimore Marriott Waterfront.

The bride was a third-year resident in anesthesiology at Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago at that moment. She graduated from the University of Pennsylvania and received her medical degree from the University of Maryland School of Medicine.

The groom is a graduate student in biomedical engineering at the University of Michigan. He graduated from Yale and received a master’s degree in biotechnology from Johns Hopkins. The couple started dating in Baltimore in 2013 after the mother of the bride gave her daughter’s number to the mother of the groom.

Baraat Ceremony

Baraat is a groom's wedding procession. In North Indian communities, it is customary for the bridegroom  to travel to the wedding venue (often the bride‘s  house) on a mare, accompanied by his family members.

The baraat can become a large procession, with booking its own band and dancers. The groom and his horse are covered in finery and do not usually take part in the dancing and singing; that is left to the "baraatis" or people accompanying the procession. The groom usually carries a sword.  The term baraati is also more generically used to describe any invitee from the groom's side. Traditionally, baraatis are attended to as guests of the bride's family.

The baraat, headed by a display of fireworks and accompanied by the rhythm of the dhol, reaches the meeting point, where the elders of both the families meet. In North Indian Hindu weddings, the groom is greeted with garlands and aarti. In traditional North Indian weddings, baraats are welcomed at the wedding venue with the sound of shehnais, which are considered auspicious at weddings by Hindus, Muslims and Sikhs alike.

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Photographer: Mantas Photography
Ceremony & Reception location: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Wedding Planner: Designed Perfectly Events
Flowers & Decor: Imperial Decor
Videographer: Stan Pe Films
Flowerwall & Marque Letters: Brightly Ever After
DJ & MC: Live Sound Entertainment
Hair & Make Up: SKS Salon
Baraat Horse: Harmon’s Hayrides & Carriages
Accommodations: Baltimore Marriott Waterfront Hotel
Gelato Vendor: Pitango Gelato


Documentary Wedding Photographer

This amazing couple met through a common friend in Virginia. The groom was studying in Ithaca, NY and the bride – in Rochester, NY. Once he finished his studies, he moved back to VA, but they kept in touch and the relationship was still going on even though it was long distance. He would often come to visit her in Rochester and whenever she came down to MD they would meet up.
The couple just hit off and knew that they are good for each other. Both of them like to go for long walks and love to travel, exploring & seeing new places.
She loves the water so whenever they were in Rochester they would go for long walks near the Erie Canal. Each moment the couple had some spare time to share they were doing fun activities and enjoyed each other’s company all the time. This included going for walks, watching a movie or having a nice dinner somewhere.
He loves animals, especially dogs. The couple has a dog, named Coco. He is romantic, sweet, supportive and very caring. He loves to surprise the happy wife from time to time.
Both of them are also very close to their families and like spending time with each other’s family members. They complement each other very well. Both of them are kind-hearted and down to earth individuals.
The wedding took place in The Ritz-Carlton, Washington DC where a bunch of great family members from both sides gathered all together to celebrate this happy occasion!

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Wedding Photographer

Jason and Lauren is fun and marvelous couple and they know how to spread the good vibes of joy for sure! Their wedding session was full of beautiful emotions and moments of their pure happiness which I was able to witness.

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National Gallery of Art

National Gallery of Art based in Washington, D.C. is not only the place to explore for more but as well a great venue to make any kind of creative sessions as there are plenty of beautiful angles to make the best pictures ever!


Engagement Photographer

Dmitry and Rina are an amazingly beautiful, joyful and happy couple. We’ve had the best day together when I was asked to capture their love vibes on their unique and creative engagement session in the Wharf DC. Each time I get the requests to take the pictures of the engagement I have a chance to witness the connection between two happy people and it‘s always fascinating! This time we‘ve truly had fun with these two love birds!
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Line Hotel Washington DC || Wedding || C + H

Documentary Wedding Photographer

They connected in college talking with each other about both of them being DC locals. They enjoy international travel and exploring new cities. The couple especially loves to eat and are enameled with fine dining and low dining equally. Both of them are big fans of all the DC sports teams but also love to explore DC cultural offerings in art and music.
Their multicultural wedding took place in Line Hotel Washington DC on one beautiful day this May.
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Line Hotel Washington DC

The Line Hotel in Washington DC is the perfect place for your wedding day to be truly amazing!

Paul + Jessica || Taco Tour || Unique Engagement || Washington DC

Engagement Photographer

Paul and Jessica are truly creative and exceptional couple. I’ve been honored to shoot their engagement session and wedding too. Each time I get the requests to take the pictures of any occasion it’s truly interesting as the creativity can go wild. Together with a couple we try to find interesting areas and spots for the sessions and I try to find unique shooting angles each time as well. This session was one of a kind and the decision for the Taco Tour was made by the couple. We’ve had a joyful day and many laughs followed us wherever we went!
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Taco Tour

This couple decided to go on a unique Taco Tour for their engagement session as both of them love tacos. We went to many cool taco places (El Ray, El Centro, Oyamel, Pepita Cantina, Espita Mezcaleria) in Washington DC and surrounding areas. Please take a look and I hope you’ll enjoy these engagement pictures as much as I do!

Ted + Danielle || Wedding || The Potomac View Terrace

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Ted and Danielle is an extraordinary couple and you will see it in their wedding pictures which I’ve been privileged to take. This beautiful and madly in love couple met years ago in college where they firstly started as friends which led things to them becoming a strong bonded couple. Their whole traditional Jewish wedding day was full of joy, real and bright emotions, awesome dances and plenty of perfect family members and friends who joined and celebrated their beautiful day with all their hearts.

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The Potomac View Terrace Wedding

Wedding took place in The Potomac View Terrace which is located on Constitution Avenue directly between the Lincoln Memorial and the U.S. Department of State. If you choose this perfectly great place for your wedding the beautiful views of the U.S. Capitol, Washington Monument, Lincoln Memorial, Pentagon, Air Force Memorial, Memorial Bridge and the Potomac River will be fully available for you to enjoy. It‘s truly the best of DC under one roof!

You can see it yourselves as the masters of true beauty Mwendo Wedding Films took this fantastic film representing the great traditions, celebration and all the joy we all have witnessed. The wedding was planned by the talented A. Dominick Events team. It‘s great to see the outstanding result when a bunch of pure professionals gather all together! It was a honor to work with talented make up artist Claire Ashley she did magical and outstanding make up for Danielle! Thank you Gabriele Stonyte for helping me out with this amazing wedding.

Honeymoon Still Goes On

As you can see in the pictures Todd and Danielle are enjoying each second of their life together. They both used to work as lawyers but as they’re madly happy and brave – they’ve quit their jobs to travel the world now. You can follow their adventures on their personal blog there.

Nick + Sara || Elopement || Adams Morgan

This couple knows how to enjoy each other‘s company and they say that even though they’ve had to spend some time apart over the years - their relationship is built upon true friendship. Even when they‘re not together their days are filled with love and a lot of laughter. :) Nick and Sara as well both agree that they balance each other out: she likes to cook, and he likes to clean, he tells the jokes and she handles the admin. Both of them are great football fans and enjoy traveling together.
It was a pleasure to go for this elopement with this joyful couple and celebrate the getaway in Washington DC Adams Morgan area where we’ve had a colorful and truly fun day all together!

John + Elizabeth || Carnegie Institute for Science || Wedding

On the 1st of April I had an honor to document really beautiful wedding of John and Elizabeth. It is really difficult to describe how amazing that day was. Elegant ceremony began at Washington DC War Memorial.   I still remember as it was yesterday how perfect was that moment and how happy was John and Elizabeth. For the reception couple chose  Carnegie Institute for Science. During the reception music and lights were provided by Josh Goldman "Dj G".  Also we had an amazing photo shooting at Lincoln Memorial and National Gallery of Art. Very special thanks for Mari Harsan for helping me to document their special day! I had really great time during this amazing wedding. I was able to take a lot of creative, artistic pictures. From all my heart I wish John and Elizabeth many years of true love!

Pictures was taken with my beloved  Nikon D750 and Nikon D4 with Sigma 35mm 1.4 artSigma 24mm 1.4 artSigma 85mm 1.4 art lenses.

Greg + Isabele || Ritz - Carlton Hotel || Georgetown, Washington DC

This spring I had a huge honor to document outstanding wedding day of Greg and Isabel at Ritz - Carlton Hotel in Georgetown. I was impressed by this couple since our first meeting. Stylish model Greg and elegant Doctor Isabel are amazing, smart and really interesting people. It was a pleasure to work with them. You just have to see their extraordinary wedding pictures. 

Pictures was taken with my beloved  Nikon D750 and Sigma 35mm 1.4 artSigma 24mm 1.4 artSigma 85mm 1.4 art.