August 29

Kyleigh is a 15 year old who has surpassed all expectations and moved beyond her boundaries. Being a survivor of cancer, Kyleigh was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at age 12.  From that day forward, her reality included monitoring her blood sugar intake, insulin and constantly counting carbs.

With all that she has gone through, I was amazed at the smile that stayed on her face.  In 2014, she applied for a grant to receive a diabetic alert dog through Service Dogs For Warren Retrievers. These dogs are known for being able to alert patients when blood sugar levels are high or low. As well, they have the capability to notify EMS.

When I heard about the trial and tribulation that this young girl went through, I felt it was my civil duty to be there for this day. I knew I had to be at a wedding on the same day, but I woke bright and early so I could make to both events. On August 29, I was given the opportunity to watch as Kyleigh met her new faithful companion. Love comes in many forms and sometimes even from two different beings. Love is acceptance and being there when life tears you down. I am still and forever will be truly humbled by the experience of seeing these two unite.