Airlie The Warrenton VA Hotel

Airlie The Warrenton VA Hotel, Conference Center and Event Venue || Wedding || Dave + Kelly

Documentary Wedding Photographer

David and Kelly got married on one beautiful late Spring day. Which was full of sparkly, emotional, joyful and colorful moments as both of them, their families and all the friends and guests were truly fascinating and just good vibes were in the air all the time! Their wedding was extraordinary as the welcome speech was followed by groom explaining Sabering Sword. Later on, he opened the bottle of champagne using the sword.

The wedding involved lots of dances and music. One of the last songs which were truly honored was „One More Time“ by Daft Punk.

I’m always available if you want to get your own photojournalistic wedding. It can be taken in any place of the world. All you have to do is contact me and I’ll be glad to participate!

Airlie The Warrenton VA Hotel, Conference Center and Event Venue

Airlie is the great place to tie the knot as people working there understand that this day is exceptional, one and only for you and you want to remember it for your whole life just with best joy and pure happiness. So as they say, there is just one Warrenton, Virginia wedding venue (just 50 miles outside Washington D.C.) with a timeless style as enduring as love which is shared there so much.