Destination Wedding

Ponte Vedra Beach Florida || Wedding || Jonas + Ruhi

Destination Wedding Photographer

Jonas and Ruhi are both really enthusiastic, easy-going, beyond happy, fun-loving team players. The happy couple met in college. Their love survived long distance as she’s from Seattle and he’s from Chicago.
We‘ve had their engagement session in Chicago Millennium Park and I‘m truly happy I was able to witness their beautiful journey together as I was the photographer at their wedding as well.

Jonas is from Lithuania and Ruhi is from India and it’s so great that their paths cross in the United States so they could finally get together. Their fascinating Indian wedding took place in Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida.

I adore what I do. And it’s not just a job for me, believe it! Please contact me , if you want to get a photo session for any occasion of yours. It can be taken in any place of the world, just name the location and destination and I will be there! Believe me, I will be glad to help you in all the ways that I can!

Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

Ponte Vedra Beach’s 40-foot sand dunes are among the highest in Florida. From their peak, they race down to white sand beaches made from Appalachian quartz and ancient coquina.

Seaside resorts and private escapes can be found in the twisted oaks and hammocks of the wild palmettos.

Miles of fresh-water streams, creeks and lagoons course through the natural area of Ponte Vedra Beach.
Many couples recommend this awesome place as one of the best possible locations to enjoy the most important day of your life to the fullest.

Matthew + Michelle || Wedding || Church & Company Baltimore

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Every time I meet a new couple I‘m always interested in their story as it‘s each time unique and inspiring. This full of joy couple – Matthew and Michelle – met at a college party and Matt (according to Michelle) was the party animal that no one could take their eyes off. The couple still has the pictures from that night of Michelle holding her stomach from laughing so hard because of him.

As the couple remembers Facebook was only 3 years old back then. It was an easy way to connect and of course, also check out pictures from the latest party.

Michelle said that she finds it so interesting that there is a picture which they have from that party that says: „IT‘S OFFICIAL...I love Lambie“ (Lambie is Matthew's surname). Even though they had hardly known each other for just 24 hours. As the bride later on said – she didn't think she believed in love at first sight until she saw that comment 5 years into their relationship. Kind of a magical story, right?

As they both agree – their favorite thing to do together is a laugh! Whether it's in the good times or the bad, these two always find a way to make each other crack up. The couple agrees that they have rather different personalities, as Michelle is very free-spirited and bold, while Matt is quieter and reserved. This surface level dichotomy actually brings them both together as their personalities according to them balance them out. As a couple, they are goofy, weird, athletic, loving and overall grounded. Although many see them as total opposites as people say opposites attract. And this is the case!

I was really joyful to take the pictures of their wedding day which was a huge double occasion as it also was a New Year’s Eve!

My work is a pleasure and I’m always happy to help, just name the location and time and I’ll be there! Please contact me if you want to get a photo session for any occasion of yours. It can be taken in any place of the world, believe me, I will be glad to help you all the ways that I can!

Church & Company Baltimore
Church and Co. rent the sanctuary out for weddings, large gatherings, and music performances. This place is in Baltimore.

Ali + Emma || Wedding || The Basin Harbor Resort & Boat Club | Vermont

Documentary Wedding Photographer

Sometimes true love can come to your life just like that. It might be just right in front of you. That‘s exactly what happened to Ali and Emma. They have always been within 100 feet of each other more than 90% of the time for the past year as they were work colleagues. Actually, Ali confessed that he was at first afraid to ask her out especially for that reason. But who can stand in the way of true bond? Exactly – „we have no problems just challenges“ attitude is the best! Congrats to Ali that he finally did that which led them to becoming a couple and now – a new family. I‘m grateful that I was in charge of capturing that moment on their biggest day.

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The Basin Harbor Resort & Boat Club | Vermont

Basin Harbor is an extraordinary lakeside setting, absolutely perfect for your special day. Many couples recommend this awesome place as one of the best possible locations to enjoy the most important day of your life to the fullest.

Gintis + Kristina || Destination Wedding || Nida Lithuania

It was an honor to document my childhood friend's Gintis and Kristina wedding. By the way Gintis was my Breakdance teacher just 17 years ago.  Wedding took place in one of the most unique places in the world called Nida which is located in Lithuania. Nida is a part of the Curonian Spit which is declared as a national park and is included in the UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Camera gear Nikon D750 and Sigma 35mm 1.4 artSigma 24mm 1.4 artSigma 85mm 1.4 art