Ponte Vedra Beach Florida || Wedding || Jonas + Ruhi

Destination Wedding Photographer

Jonas and Ruhi are both really enthusiastic, easy-going, beyond happy, fun-loving team players. The happy couple met in college. Their love survived long distance as she’s from Seattle and he’s from Chicago.
We‘ve had their engagement session in Chicago Millennium Park and I‘m truly happy I was able to witness their beautiful journey together as I was the photographer at their wedding as well.

Jonas is from Lithuania and Ruhi is from India and it’s so great that their paths cross in the United States so they could finally get together. Their fascinating Indian wedding took place in Ponte Vedra Beach in Florida.

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Ponte Vedra Beach Florida

Ponte Vedra Beach’s 40-foot sand dunes are among the highest in Florida. From their peak, they race down to white sand beaches made from Appalachian quartz and ancient coquina.

Seaside resorts and private escapes can be found in the twisted oaks and hammocks of the wild palmettos.

Miles of fresh-water streams, creeks and lagoons course through the natural area of Ponte Vedra Beach.
Many couples recommend this awesome place as one of the best possible locations to enjoy the most important day of your life to the fullest.