Paul + Jessica || Taco Tour || Unique Engagement || Washington DC

Engagement Photographer

Paul and Jessica are truly creative and exceptional couple. I’ve been honored to shoot their engagement session and wedding too. Each time I get the requests to take the pictures of any occasion it’s truly interesting as the creativity can go wild. Together with a couple we try to find interesting areas and spots for the sessions and I try to find unique shooting angles each time as well. This session was one of a kind and the decision for the Taco Tour was made by the couple. We’ve had a joyful day and many laughs followed us wherever we went!
Please contact me if you want to get the engagement or wedding session taken in any place of the world. I will be glad to help you!

Taco Tour

This couple decided to go on a unique Taco Tour for their engagement session as both of them love tacos. We went to many cool taco places (El Ray, El Centro, Oyamel, Pepita Cantina, Espita Mezcaleria) in Washington DC and surrounding areas. Please take a look and I hope you’ll enjoy these engagement pictures as much as I do!